Good matching universal player for this system

Looking for 'DVD player/CD transport' that will hooked up to the Meridian 568.1 pre/pro...

or is is better off getting a separate DVD player and CD tansport...

Speaker: JM Lab 926 with REL Strata III subwoofer
Amp: Bryston 3B SST
Pre/Pro: Meridian 568.1
I was auditioning some speakers last night at one of our local high-end audio stores, and asked the salesman for his recommendation for a good universal player retailing for around $2k or less. He recommended the new Marantz (model 9500, I think) that is due on the market in December. It will replace the current model that sells for about $2k.
Actually, I don't really need SACD or DVD-A...

What I need is Good DVD video with DVI output, and
great CD transport, preferabely with MP3 capability...
I am using a Theta Carmen II with a Meridian 568.2 upgraded from the Meridian 568.1. As a CD Transport the Carmen II is excellent. Much better than my previous DVD Player. As for Video it is excellent too. I use the 480P output of the player. However you could probably do just as good with a used Meridian 508-24 and a DVD Player with DVI output, the cost would be about the same. The music on Movies would not be as good but the Video would probably be a bit better. My display is a Pioneer Pro510 that does not accept DVI. Good luck.
does your Carmen II have DVI out?