Good matching tube preamp for my rb-1090 ??

Hi everyone, I am looking to find a good tube preamp for my amp. The problem I am having is finding one with a compatible output impedance. The reason why I say this is because I do not understand preamp output impedance or amplifier
input impedance, and how they should match.
The input impedance on my amplifier is 37 ohms, and I am using 12 foot interconnects from my current preamp.
What brands of tube preamps should I look at that will work? Thanks for any
helpor feedback.
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There's a TAD-150 for sale here on the 'Gon. Nice piece for under a grand. What's your budget?
Thanks Bob, i'm just starting to learn about impedance between components. The way you make it sound, MOST tube preamps should work ok.

Ehaller, yep, my budget is under a grand LOL unfortunately. I'll check out
the TAD. Thanks
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Bob, not sure how much experience you have listening to the RB-1090 but even though it has XLR inputs it is not a balanced circuit. Not that there's anything wrong with that-I'm back to the RB-1090 after trying much higher end stuff and am very happy with it.
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Bob, interesting but over my head technically. I remember and have copies somewhere of technical portions of reviews of the amp pointing out that while the XLR connections were there, they converted right back to single ended internally. As a result I never tried connecting with XLR cables. Maybe I should.