Good DACs have known benefits, But what About Streamers

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The benefits of quality DACs are well know to our ears and our rationale thinking. Many of us have solid evidence of this. I am currently in between DACs and  reverted back to using a SONOS Connect for my DAC on my system and the decline in fidelity from my Auralic is dramatic. As one person but it, it isn’t a fair fight.

But with the upgrades that I am doing to my system, the McIntosh PreAmp will have a wonderful DAC in it. But I still need a streamer. What I am wondering is if there is a substantial difference between streamer technology and will I be able to notice the difference between different DAC/Streamers when the DAC is by-passed. Will I, or would you, be able to notice the difference between a Auralic, Pro-Ject, BlueSound, Sonore or any other piece of equipment?

Thanks in advance for your constructive thoughts.

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Has anyone used a Control4 device HC800 or the newer units as a high resolution music (Tidal or Deezer) streaming device?  I am concerned about some of these streaming devices acting as both a streamer and a DAC...Then sending that stream through a dedicated DAC.  In this case, the music is streamed from the Control4 HC800 into a Chord Hugo 2 DAC headphone amp then into my Krell Illusion preamp to Krell mono block amps finally to Sonus Fabre Is Cremonese.  The music must be getting “DACed” too many times.  I am not sure how to fix this situation or do I need to?

From an obvious Digital Novice...Need help.  Thank you 
Yes it does matter. But it depends on how resolving your system is. If it's a low end system. Save your money. If you're going big, and want the best. Spend your money. Hans Beekhuyzen is the foremost expert on this, and watching his videos will answer all your questions. I highly recommend reading his book too. Even if you already think you know everything about digital music. I assure you. You'll learn more from his book. He's a great gentleman from The Netherlands, and really knows his stuff.
I appreciate your response. As I said I am well short of an expert in this area.  I have also invested a considerable amount of money in my system.  As you suggested, I will listen to Hans.  If anyone else has guidance here it would be appreciated.  I think this is an area that is not well understood by the general audiophile 
Jworth - i don't follow your question, although i do support the recommendation to immerse yourself in Hans''s stuff....
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A streamer has no DAC. A DAC takes a USB feed. Something (might be the DAC, might be a device) converts the ethernet to USB.  End.
(who just designed a built a external power supply for his legacy, but very good DAC, and spent two hours hearing nuance heretofore missed)

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