Genesis or other powered subwoofer speak

I'm looking at the Genesis APM-1 or the 501, or maybe the Vandy 5's. Thinking about running OTL's on the top and letting the powered sub do the rest. Does anybody have any experience here. Other speaker recomendations will be accepted. Thanks in advance.
All speakers listed above are excellent; however, the APM 1's and 2's are outdated. The 501's rock! I had a demo of these not to long ago and they are awsome! I actually just purchased a pair and am dying to set them up. If you need help finding a pair, I know a great dealer. He is very honest and informative! Good luck on your decision.
I purchased a set of the Genesis APM-1 speakers and I'm totally satisfied with them.I especially liked that you could adjust these to your room by adjustment knobs on back for sub gain,midrange and tweeters.Some audiophiles don't like Genesis but I've seen posts of owners and talked to others like me that are totally happy.I use a McCormack DNA-2 amp and McCormack TLC-1 Deluxe passive preamp and the soundstage,bass,midrange,pace and rythem is incredible.I purchased mine from Underwoodwally at this site,he is truly a honest and great person.Good Luck & Happy listening. Don
I own a pair of the Gen V's the predessesor to the 500 and 501. I use a VAC Ren 70/70 tube amp with them and they work well and the servo amp cranks out all the bass you could ever want. Good clean bass too. My amp is rated at 65 WPC and you can play ANY music on them as loud as you want with no strain in my 14 X 18 room. I cannot reccommend the speakers enough. In fact there is a pair of Gen V's on sale in the speaker boards right now, a bargain price too considering they retailed for $15K!
I highly recommend the Genesis V over the 500 or the 501. The latter two are a scaled down version of the Gen V. And the Gen V can be had used for $5000 to $6000.
I own to Genesis metal cone subwoofer systems. I would certainly recommend them over the old Entecs, Velodynes and the B&W's that I have heard. I have not listened extensively to the sunfire unit and have never heard the REL