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i don`t know if sale my garrard 401, i have a garrard 401 turntable with extra heavy granite plinth, sme 309 tonearm and clearaudio stradivari cartridge, turntable than oracle mk5, gyrodec se, orbe, clearaudio champiom are better really?
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Ahh I think a LOT of folks would JUMP at the chance to buy your garrard and 309.
It is a true classic!
IF I own it, I would be very happy, and NOT consider those other TTs.
Selling Garrard and SME 309 is not good.
Keep it!!
The best you would be doing is trading for same level of quality
Mount a better tonearm and you'll have a killer front end.

If you give up your Garrard 401, my guess is you'll find unsatisfying the comparative lack of drive in the other turntables you mentioned. There are two meaningful upgrades you can make if you're inclined to make improvements: 1/ Abandon the granite plinth in favor of either slate, or a Shindo-style layered hardwood alternative. Both will sound different from granite, but significantly better, sonically. 2/ The SME 309 is a well-made tonearm but not ideal. In upgrading your plinth you could also build for a 12" tonearm or both 12" and 9", with a change in cartridges to better extract the tone density possible from that turntable. Of course, the tonearm choice will be affected by your cartridge preferences, and vice-versa.

No. The 401 platform is an out dated technology, easily bettered by all belt drives. Rim drive, no matter what platform or arm is. VPI's version of rim tech is no better. oracle mk5 will sound much better. I had a 401 and found it very disappointing. It is an 'englishman' thing. Move on.
Agree with the previous posts (except disagree with Elizabeth about the tonearm).

The other tables you mentioned will not better or even match the performance of a well maintained and modded 401. Unless you're motivated strictly by their looks, forget the shiny new stuff. Sonically your table has the potential to be in a different league.

Put your funds toward optimizing that excellent table and acquiring a top level arm.
audiofeil, what is your recomendation in tonearms?
dougdeacon ,your recomendation about a big tonearm for my garrard?