Furman ELITE-15 PF i - Power Conditioner

Anyone using the Furman ELITE-15 PF i power conditioner with their stereo music system?

Would you recommend it for use with an HI-FI system?

I tried a 15pfi with my denon 4806 receiver and liked it. but returned it as being overpriced.
I use other conditioners, and when a Furman REF20i was for sale here, close enough to go pick up, i bought it.
I really like the Furman REF20i and use it for the Bryston 4B-SST2 amplifier in my two channel, and for all the video and surround stuff.
I use a PS Audio P600 set to 110hz output for my digital stuff, anda PS Audio PPP set to multiwave for the tube stuff.
The Furman with the 'power factor' really have a nice sound when used with decent two channel stuff.
My only complaint is it's retail is overpriced for what you get in the box. (i know a local dealer switched to Furman becuse it has a big markup. ask and get 25% off with Furman, new.)
Used , it is a good deal.
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