Forte 3 upgrade/replacement caps and IEC Cord

Hi all,
I am hoping you Forte enthusiasts can give me some help.
I just scored a Forte 3 amplifier for a song.
It has an IEC power cord. Is this OEM or a modification?
I have only seen pics and it looks original.Any thoughts?
Also, considering its age, I am looking at replacing the caps. Any suggestions on brands and anything else I should consider replacing?
I have had a forte 5 since it was new. It has a replaceable IEC cord. I think later model 3 had them and the earlier had a captive cord. I had mine recapped by Jon Soderberg of vintage amp repair in California. He did a great job and upgrades the reserve capacity. Used black gates and nichocon. Also put in hexfreds in the diode bridge good stuff!