For volumes sake. Vinyl - Original or Reissue.

What sounds better at high volumes?

I feel every recording has a level it should be played back at to get the impact from the recording, where the recording is most vivid if you will without being too load. I feel original releases have a different volume point than a reissue.

Is the black background from thicker vinyl and/or more dynamic range from engineering and technology advances help reissues sound better at high volumes or not?
Can a reissue get to that same point as the original without being too load?

This is with today's playback equipment not yesterdays memories of what the record sounded like back when.
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Original vinyl varies just as does the recent decade's modern reissue vinyl with regard to quality of sound and physical condition such as record warping.
There is definitely a sound level which is enjoyed by each listener, but it is subjective and not identical for every member of a listening group.
There are fabulous affordable original records of many more performances than can be found on reissue vinyl.
For example, recently in our household have been listening to opera on original vinyl, even back to the late 1940's - 1950's (with the arrival of stereo). There is thrilling subjective audio quality and musical value in many original vinyl records with sense of excellent dynamic range.
This is on modern equipment where modern CD's also played.
The surfaces of many original vinyl records every bit as quiet as many reissues to which I have listened.
Surface noise is an issue for any era of record for those brought up on CD's. But, vinyl lovers learn to tune out a bit of surface noise if it is musically enjoyable.