For Martin Logan fans - Aeon i versus SL3?

Considering purchase of a new Aeon i or a used SL3 - any suggestions? Thanks!
Ok, I'll take a stab at this one. I owned the SL3 sold them for the Prodigy and then bought a pair of Aeon's for a second system. I didn't directly compare the two, but have a pretty good memory of which I liked and why.

To cut to the chase, I think the SL3 is a much better sounding speaker. I don't know what the specs are of each but the SL3 seemed to give a more full range presentation. It had a bigger, deeper soundstage, and I just plain enjoyed it a lot more.

The Aeon looks better (to me) and it's smaller if that's a consideration.

I think they are about the same as far as drivability.

Thanks Chris. Glad to hear positive comments about the SL3 - while the Aeons are a bit more manageable sizewise, they are $1000 more than the SL3s.
I own a pair of SL3's along w/ a Logos center channel and a Depth sub. My SL3's were purchased new in 1995 and frankly, I haven't wanted to change them for any new speakers, Martin Logan's or otherwise.
I wish you good luck.
Two pairs of the speakers that I owned for a very long long period of time were the SL3 and the AeriusI. Love them to death but had to sell them while moving out alone few years ago. Wish I can find them in almost new condition so I can buy them again . Don't like much abt new ML stuff for both sound and look.
Just wanted to mention, the aeon i's are a world of a difference to the aeon. The rear firing tweeter does wonders. It has the airy large sound, but gains a little dynamics and high end with the rear tweeter. I actually preffered it in alot of ways to my ascent i's. But the larger panel of the ascent through such a big picture, I kept it in the setup and sold the aeon i's :(

Im thinking of picking some aeon i's up for the bedroom, extremely good.