Focal Aria 948

Has anyone heard these new speakers yet? I am very interested and considering the hour drive to go hear them. I am currently working on a speaker upgrade as my living room is 26x14 with 10ft ceilings, plus a connected kitchen. I have totem sttafs right now which I really enjoy but they just can't keep up in the large space. So far I have heard the new b&w cm10 which were great but not sure that I fell in love. Also heard the revel f208 which again were good but the demo setup was pretty bad so I don't feel like I got to experience what they were capable of. If anyone has heard the new focals I would love to know your impressions. Also if anyone has other speakers I should checkout that can fill a large space well and around the 5k-ish or less neighborhood... The speakers will be music only, and need to do high mid and bass all well as I have really varied musical preferences (although female vocals are still probably most prevalent.) Working decently off axis and not required to be out that far (2ft max) into the room would also help with WAF. Thanks...
Ive heard the new Focal Aria 948 . Its a very good speakers and for 5k i think is a real bargain. The review is so true ( THE EAR). it beat B&W , Sonus, KEF easily from performance to price point easily. Very neautral and balance speakers.

The Revel new Performa 3 series line is as good as Revel . Love Revel all the time. They dont release new speakers line unless there is huge difference and price point is always interesting . Balance and have good bass as well.

You can go wrong with either speakers . Both same 5k price point. Its like choosing Pepsi and Coke .

If i were u , i will choose Aria 948. With both almost having the same performance level, the Aria is easily drive either solid or tube. No need bi-wire . U save hell lots of money on ur setup and accessories.

As d Revel u need spend good stuffs and high power amps to bring the best out of it.

So its up to u. And what i said its juz opinion.
TOo many speakers out there nowadays.
You'd be better off with a pair of Zu Druid IV's that are currently on Ebay for $3000.00, IMHO.

The Focal Aria 948's are atrocious according to someone who I know has a good ear.
I have the B&W CM10 which have a forward detailed sound.Don't know about the Focals but set up properly they are a fine sounding set
I've had a pair since last November; it's been bliss ever since. They're an exceptional value and deserve every bit of the praise they've received.