Focal Alto BE's with tube amps?

Anyone have experience with Focal Alto Be's and tube amps. I am strongly considering a SET 10w amp that I have recently heard. The Alto's are specified to have a sensitivty of 91db and an impedence of 8 ohms. I have read a review that they actually measured 89-90db sensitivity and could dip to 3 ohms at around 88Hz and at 47Hz. But I really love these speakers. After I have just completed auditioning a few "tube friendly" dynamic speakers, Devore Silverbacks and Verity Leonores, the first I kinda liked the second I didn't, I really confirmed the impression that I made the right choice with the altos. Also this 10w SET appeared to pack a punch for a little amp. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
I have Altos, and power them with Nagra VPAs, rated at 50 watts. They're accurate, dynamic, and have a powerful low end in a fairly large room. I can't say, however, how they'd do with 10w. It may depend on the size of your room, the type of music you listen to, and how hard you push them.