FM Tuner in the Integra RDC-7

Will be upgrading (to separates) my complete suite of HT electronics soon. The RDC-7 (or upcoming all new 7.1) is very high on the list. The price would look more attractive if it would eliminate the need for a separate ($1000-$1400) tuner. Looking for comments from current owners on the quality of the RDC-7s built in tuner. The tuner in my five-year old Yamaha 2095 is pretty bad. Thanks in advance for any comments.
Can't speak for that model, but Integra (Onkyo) tuners are usually pretty good.
Unless your fanatical about tuners , I would rate the tuner in The RDC-7 as quite good for an all in one unit. And of course with any tuner, the question is how are you receiving the FM signal. Great reception is huge in the equation.