Floorstanding or bookshlf speakers?

Is my room big enough for floor standing speakers?

Room Size: 19'L x 11'2"W x 8'H.
Wood Cabinets on three walls with wood floor.
There is no way I can put any acoustic treatments anywhere. The room is not dedicated to HT. It is a library.

Thank you in advance for any advice,
Your room is big enough for Floor standers. I have seen B&W Signature 800's mentioned in rooms half your size!?!?! IMO your room would be fine, since you still need stands for book shelf models anyhow!
Definitely big enough for floor standing speakers. I think you would need to fire them along the length of the room, as the short dimension would leave you too close though.

The only possible problem would be if you got full range speakers (down to 20hz) and then listened to them very loud. (The room might enhance the bass to make it a bit booming. However, since you have bookshelves on three of the sides, with books on them presumably, I think this would mitigate even that to some degree.)

I say go for the full range, as they are more satisfying than the bookshelf type, (in my opinion,of course!)
I'd guess that bookshelves filled with books arround the room can only be a plus for a listening room. They kill wall reflections.
I guess you'd need a good and heavy speaker such as PSB stratus Goldi that would stay firm on the floor in case you want to rich for book bihind the speaker:-).
I like the idea a hi-fi system with floorstanding speakers IN A LIBRARY!

Seriously though, I think the room is big enough for floorstanders. You may want to consider a large area rug on the floor to help with sound and comfort. Definitely have the speakers facing the long dimension of the room. This will give you a lot more options for speaker placement. With such a long room, you may be able to achive good sound with the speakers 3 to 4 feet (or more???) from the back wall. That way you will be able to walk behind and to the sides of them to get at the books if this is necessary. Some floorstanders have a small footprint and others do not. If you think space will be a problem, go with the floorstanders that have a smaller length and width.
Thank you all for the advice. I am newbie at hi-fi. I was at a dealer who claimed that my room was not big enough for floor standing speakers. Good thing I decided to confirm it. The dealer claimed, "It would be far easier to control the sound". As this system will double as a HT, the screen will be recessed at the front of the length of the room. The front has a bay window surrounded with cabinetry/shelves.
Depends on taste also.You did not give a price range or if you have amplification.

I have a room about the same dimensions and I have both.To be truthful I love the Bookshelves,but the floorstanders give me more detail they are also 4X's more expensive.

SOmeone mentioned the PSB Goldi and I have NEARs which are in the same league.My NEARs are modified versions of the time they were compared in a side-by-side at Soundstage.

I think you might get a bigger soundstage using Bookshelves in the room your size.

Go and listen to some to see what your taste are.

I second Abex's thoughts.
It all depend on what you like to listen to.
Me, at the narrow end of the room, (dimension is same as yours except the H at 12 feet), stand diminutive Proac 1SC on rigid stand, 3 feet away from the rear wall. I love the visual unobtrusiveness of it all, and best of all, paired with single ended triode, it emulate, just the way I like, the purity and lushness of the orchestra and voices and the space where it is recorded. Personnelly, when I went full range, I used panel speaker, (as I will again soon when moving) otherwise I prefer monitor on stand.
Check out the Gershman Acoustic RX 20 Avant Gardes - floor standing with a small footprint and can bring a full range sound in your size room that you will love. The piano black finish is extremely attractive. I have a pair in my ofiice that is about the size of your room.