Fisher SA-300-B

Here I am again, picking through an estate sale, and I've found an interesting piece, The Fisher SA-300-B power amp. The thing was missing all tubes but fortunately I was able to scavenge all the right ones from other amps I've collected to get it working. The sound ain't half bad so far on a pair of test speakers (indoor/outdoor Advents) with no hum or buzzing present. No owner's/service manual presently available so I don't know much about this unit. I want to run it for a while on my test bed to make sure it's safe before I play it on my main speakers, The Large Advents.
Two other tube amps are available from the same estate sale, both non functional and in need of extensive repair, The Dynaco ST70 (which I probably will repair/upgrade) and a Golden Tube Audio SE-40, which I will pass on.
Any comments regarding this Fisher SA-300-B would be appreciated. Specifically, how do you think it will compare with my present amp, an Aragon 2004, or a restored/modified Dynaco ST70? My preamp is the Sound Valves VTP-101. Also, do you think either tube amp will have enough power for my Advents?
I have a Dynaco ST-70 and the Large Advents. Plenty of power to drive them to ear-splitting levels in my 18'x 20' room.
My st-70 is pretty much stock except for black gate bypass caps which were in there when I got the amp. I find it quite enjoyable-dynamic and big soundstage, definitely sounds better after its been on for an hour-seems to get better after that also. Enjoy!
Thanks for the reply. I have since decided to fix and keep the Golden Tube SE-40, which is amazing me as I write this. I also re-tubed the Fisher SA-300-B, which is amazing a buddy I fixed it for, and now I am looking forward the repairing the ST-70 for my son. I always thought the Advents needed excessive amounts of power (solid state thinking) but now I find they sound great with lower powered tubes. I think my son will love the ST-70 when it's done.