First 2 weeks with Hybrid Stats....

Well after being really lucky and blessed to get a pair of Innersound EROS MKII Speakers I wanted to share my experience.
First off I will simply say that any serious Music lover owes it to themselves to try these or similar technology speakers.. these are unlike any box I have heard, I admit I have not heard everything out there, but have heard some very good speakers through my family, friends and dealers, I have also been to the HI-FI show when it wasnt clouded by Home Theater gear.
I do not have ultra high-end gear and may never due to lifes little curve balls, but I feel I do have equipment that is worthy of praise and I find it very easy to listen to without fatigue. All the same I am sure I have lost some readers by now and some probably left when they looked up my gear so this will be for those either interested or bored enough to read on.
I set these up and yes they take time to get position right, it is fun work for me atleast and I didnt mind the effort a bit. Close wall was my wifes first choice and I tried to value her opinion but these need a couple few feet to breath and open up...3 feet is now there distance from the back are not updated.
When these get dialed in it is truely magical, now not every single song you hear will amaze you (crap in crap out) but when a well recorded track is played it is truely a stunning experience, so many new sounds, detail and clarity it is hard to describe but it is outstanding! There is a downside to these and that is that the sweet spot is very narrow, out of all like speaker technology these are probably the worst offenders in that regard, but if you dont host circle jerk song parties it isnt really an issue. (I love to listen with friends by the way, that was added for joke only) another issue is some discs are now not tolerable, because there flaws are painfully revealed, so they have been moved to a more forgiving system, but the flip side is that recordings I never really liked can now be appreciated on a whole new level because of the masterful details inside these CD'S, so all in all it balances out nicely. I have heard folks say for dual use no center channel is needed, I dont agree...I cant get used to six feet tall voices in movies so I will say IMHO you still need a center channel for HT.
In short I will sum it up by saying my experience with these can only get better as I am able to upgrade my components, and that these speakers can create true Audiophiles....they beg to be listened to and music is on a whole new level, no longer do I think about equipment, I think about music!\
I hope some will try this or other speakers such as, Magnepan, Eminent Technology, Martin Logan and the others I didnt leave out just didnt type in lol.
Please try some one day, maybe you will find what I have, I still love many Many box speakers..these just do it for me...god bless, happy Fourth of July to all, and happy listening!
Best Regards to all members........Chad Smith
Chad, Contact Western Reserve Audio/Design:216-521-0900.They have a passive crossover that removes the active X-over/amp and improves the sound/integration of the woofers.