Final Labs Music 5 and Music 6

These are going to be a breakthrough people. Tubes are involving but not as accurate, while Soild state is accurate but not as involving. This gear simply does it all. Involving and accurate. The amp only puts out 10 watts but with my VSA DB 100's that's no problem. The bass is astonishing, you will hear more about these!
congratulations Todd upon finding the Holy Grail. Of course we're anxiously awaiting your full report!
Bob, I'm still going to try the Rowland, Accuphase,Goldmund, Arye,and maybe a BEL 1001. This Final labs stuff has what's got me into trying Solid State again. If anything has been learned in the last couple of weeks, is that power supply is everything. Much more important it seems than tube vs solid state. I may be wrong and go back to my beloved tubes, but I will never get rid of this Final Labs, with it's 36 d batteries for the amp and 28 c batteries for the pre. It just pours the music out in spades with the bloom of tube, But a more accurate bloom. It's really hard to describe.