Feedback on Space-tach-labs QA-112 or 113 pre-amps

Would anyone out there like to comment on their experiences with ether one of these pre-amps? Comparisons to other tube pre-amps would be most helpful.
I can't comment directly on the 112 or 113 pre-amps, but I've ordered and am expecting in the next two to four weeks the QA-115 pre-amp, the VP-105 amp and a DA-64XT.

I noticed Albert at Space-Tech is selling one on Audiogon. All I can say is he has been wonderful to deal with. I really anticipate that for the $ spent I'll get equipment that will give me sound quality that if I were to purchase from the name brands would cost me thousands more.

In the discussion threads search box put in space tech. There are many threads on space tech and one in particular mentioned buying a QA-112 preamp.
I purchased a QA112 a couple of years ago. It was my intention to upgrade it if I liked it. In my opinion it is a fantastic pre-amp. A true giant killer. Hand built by the designer with point to point wiring. Excellent overall. I use it with a $30K system. Not that that means anything, just a point of reference to tell you how much I think of his products. I would go with the QA113 with the upgraded power supply.
I have the QA-113, with second output for a bi amped arrangement. I ordered it in Black Oak, you can see a picture of it in my virtual system. I did very little side by side, and not with any other tube pre amps, but I did compare it to My NAD receiver with pre outs and a Krell HTS 7.1 both in just a 2 channel mode. Well obviously compared to the NAD it kicked butt. Airy and light, much larger and deeper sound stage. Even supplied a more bass punch. Less drastic improvement over the krell (an $8000 processor) but definately the tube sound for the vocals and accoustic did not fatigue like the krell did. QA-113 let me hear parts of the music that were not as clear with the Krell. I did think the krell was the equal when I was trying to listen to some heavier rock (I was using my space tech amps for power in both cases). But I must qualify that my speakers do not rock that great anyway.
You will not go wrong with the QA-113, build quality is great. I am not using the balanced outs at this time, but do plan to upgrade my amps later so I can use them.