Extention Cords for Video

Hello... I'm back again to seek advice from the Oracle...

I'm an owner of the Monster HTS 5100 power conditioner.
Recent reorganization has forced my video system (ie. TV, VCR, CableBox) to be separated by my audio system (ie. Amp, Pre, CD, etc.). Right now I'm using the HTS 5100 for the audio system because the cords from the video system no longer reach the HTS 5100. Would it be wrong to run
extension cords to the HTS 5100 that are about 15' in length from the video components? What if I used 1 cord and plugged all three video components into it? That would certainly save outlets on the HTS 5100...

Anyway, what are your thoughts on all of this???


Can anyone please give me some input on this???
I think you would be fine. Another option is to buy a PS Audio Ultimate outlet. You could then either Use the PS audio outlet seperately or B you could have The PS Audio UO in the middle of the PC's connecting them. I mention this because I have a Tice conditioner, and when I plug The PS Audio into the Tice and then then the TV into The PS Audio, my RPTV's picture is awesome.