Experience with Chang Lightspeed Conditioners?

Has anyone had any experiences with Chang Lightspeed Powerline Conditioners? Any Opinions, rants etc would be greatly appreciated!

thanks in advance...

I have used a Chang for many years with great success.I route my cd player,tuner and linestage to the Chang,which is plugged into a 20 amp dedicated line. I plug my mono amps directly into a seperate dedicated 20 amp line. The Chang does a very good job without coloration.I definately think they are worth the modest $500 investment. Don't get caught up in all the hype in the marketplace.The Chang is fine for most people. Good luck
I have the 6400, am very pleased with it for use with CD player, preamp, and other line-level devices, and even with my Quad 77 Integrated. Bigger amps can sound a bit anemic with it. All in all, a solid value.
They do what they say, and are good value for what they cost. Recommend.
No complaints here...
I use a 3200 for my source components & a 9900 Amp (30 amp capacity) for my amp of course, both sourced from a dedicated AC line. Nice thing about the Chang's is their integral transient protection snubbers, which if not functional due to a failure mode, won't allow power passing to the outlets. The 9900 doesn't constrain dynamics either. I still use upgrade AC cords (some pricey ones at that) downline from the Chang's, sourcing power to all of my components. Filtered AC cords though do work better plugged directly to line; it seems that too much filtering (Chang + filtered cord) is in fact sonically detrimental.
I have used one for year. One plus is that it does not use transformers so it does not slow up power amps. no need to use a filtered cord. overkill and could be a detriment.
i use a 9600 on my front end gear with my amps right into the wall. THe chang provided noticable sound improvements and when a near lightning hit fried tubes and fuses in my amps the front end stuff was untouched. Didn't hurt the chang either. works for me.