Excellent support from Cambridge Audio

A few months ago I had purchased a Cambridge 840 C CD player on Audiogon. It arrived in perfect condition and I prided myself for having saved $600 off the $1595 retail price.

But...it had a small problem. When first turned on, there was a harsh, obnoxious hissing sound from the left channel. It would disappear after two minutes and the unit then worked brilliantly. The guy who sold it to me left it turned on all the time so never noticed.

Well after about four months, the hissing came on and did not go away. The device was unplayable and I sent it in for repair to their service agent, Audio Plus in Toronto. I was hoping the repair would be inexpensive.

Much to my surprise and delight, they did not charge me for either repair or return shipping despite the fact that I did not possess any warranty with the unit. As the very friendly rep, Michael Rousseau explained, "Since your problem was caused by a known design fault that was later corrected by Cambridge, we felt that we could not charge you for this, as your unit was bound to show the fault from the start."

I present this case as an example of how an honorable company runs its business.
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Great to hear positive stuff like this! Kudos to Cambridge Audio. Thanks for posting.
That’s super! Good for CAMBRIDGE! Good for you too.
ANTHEM is another one north of the border with outstanding customer service.
it's refreshing to hear about companies which take such a stance with their customer relations. A positive one. A posture which instills greater buying confidence, adds to their attractiveness in line with their competition..

In a time which many companies see 'support' and/or 'warranty' issues as a "When or if we get around to it"... or... a "Maybe… IF you can reach us"... and most of all, "Just where did you buy it from?", priviledge they convey to the consumer. it's like keeping the implied contract at time of purchase when or if necessary following point of sale, is like they’re doing you a favor.

Hogwash. Just come out and say, No warranty is implied. Buy with confidence based on our established rep, and at your own risk.

The more current or present theme is to allow other owners to support one another via some dicey on & off again, maybe, "online forum".

I think someone should present a website which posts such positive remarks about electronics companies specific to their positions on customer relations... accessibility, and timely results.

After finding out just how difficult it can be to even reach some 'makers' let alone, obtain even simple setup, or minor repair solutions, I now make it a point to contact the prospective 'maker' prior to purchase. period.

My ONLY exception to this rule is if the item is cheap enough to be seen as 'disposable'.

Companies should either, lower the prices of their products due to such limited support facilities, or hire and train more help… or, oh yeah, offer no such help.

Cambridge, seems to be on the exact right track. Good news travels fast… HOWEVER BAD NEWS TRAVELS FASTER!