Esoteric x-03 better buy than x-01 for 2 ch only?

Hi, I was wondering what people think about the X-03se compared to the x-10ltd. On paper anyway, it appears that the x-03se is a much better value for 2ch only playback than the x-01ltd which is twice the price. Both players have the same recent internal upgrades. I know the x-01ltd has a better transport and 2 dacs for channel, but I wonder how much of a difference that really makes? Since I am not interested in multi-channel audio, it appears to me that the x-03se is the better value. I can send the X-03se to RAM for a full upgrade and still spend $5k less and (According to the folks at RAM), have a player that is better sounding than the X-01ltd.

I know all of this is subjective and the value one places on incremental improvements is unique. But I really wonder just how much better the x-01ltd is than the x-03se?
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I purchased an Esoteric UX-3 and had Steve Huntley do a Statement Mod to it. In stock form, I found the UX-3 to be more to my liking than my previous APL3910. After the mods were fully broken in, all I can say is that I cannot imagine another source sounding this good. I do not have any experience with the X01LTD, so take my comments with that in mind...I just cannot imagine a better source exists.

Good luck...the X03/UX3 are great platforms for a digital source. My transport is absolutely dead quiet...although some have complained that their X03/UX3 transports are noisy?