Entry level turntable

Hi guys,

Need advice on an entry level turntable.
My budget is up to 250.

I live in a 220 Volt - 50 Hz country.
Would using a step up transformer have an impact on sound quality ?, I'm planning to buy the turntable in the U.S.

Thanks !

$250 USD doesn't get you much in the way of TTs, mainly because you'll also need a decent cartridge. You could find a used one for under $250 on Ebay, but that can be a gamble as there may be parts that need replacing. If buying used, I suggest you buy it closer to home or buy a dealer's demo.

If this is your first TT, I recommend a "plug and play" unit that comes with a cartridge. Needle Doctor carries many budget TTs and they are already set-up for you.

Pro-Ject makes very good budget turntables, such as the Pro-Ject Essential ($299) and the much better "Debut Carbon" for $399. There's also Audio-Technica and Marantz at $299.

The problem with buying a TT at the entry-level is that after 6 months, many people start wanting something better (the cartridge is usually a weak link). That's why the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon is such a popular choice; it's plug and play with a very nice tonearm and cartridge and performs as well as higher priced TTs. That's a great table if you can find one used.

Hope this helps.