Empire turntable owners

Would like a recommendation as to which cartridge would be most compatible with a 598 Troubadour III. I am thinking of using a Sumiko Blue Point or Special Evo. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!
I have used all of the Empire top of the line cartridges in the past.
The best performance for me has always been the Empire 4000 D/III Gold. Although I did like the 1000 D/III but the 4000 is my favorite.
I was Lucky to pick up 2 brand new in the box 4000's 2 months ago and I still have and use my 10 year old one. I have 1 new one mounted on a mount and my older one. I can't tell the difference between them. It's a very wide sound stage with great bass and treble responces. I track with a guage at no more the 1 gram.
Hope that helps,
has anyone ever heard of the Empire EDR .7 any history would greatly be appreciated