EMI/RFI interference from hard drives...need help

I am getting interference from my hard drive and it bleeds through the sound card every time the hard drive is accessed. Has anyone else had this problem before? Advice is appreciated.
Twisted pair the wires in the molex sets. The four wires sets from the power supply can be popped apart and twisted , or you can twist them so half is spiral one way then half the other, use a twist tie to lock the twist at the halfway point, going through both pairs of twisted wires per set on the chain.
Wrap the wires with foil, then cover the foil with a non-conductive material (Pink teflon tape is good)
Even moving the wires right up against the side of the case can help.
Electrostatic foam for IC protection (from Radio Shack etc) comes in 6" square panels, can be applied to soak up the RFI, place it so it does not short out anything, (it is electrically conductive)
try an external soundcard?
I put about 1/4 page of stealth fabric that covered two sides of the six possible sides of the 300 watt power supply. I also put a 2" square of stealth laying loosely on top of my sound card.

I still use the card deluxe from digital audio labs.

A bit off topic, but anyone use a high end sound card that doesn't have a lot of dongles? I wonder if any expensive $300 or greater soundcards work without adapter dongles.
i fixed the problem by switch pci slots around so the soundcard has a lower irq than the ide controller.