email A. J. Van Den Hul

I think I need to send my cartridge back to Van Den Hul. While cleaning the diamond I accidentally broke one of the super thin wires. I do not know if a local US, company can repair it or it needs to be sent to VDH. I did send it back once about a year ago on another matter but lost all the contact info.

Any info would be appreciated

Ed Ralff
Ed, contact Andre at the new USA office. They handle shipping, invoicing, etc. This is the URL for their contact page:
Bummer about the cart...I've dealt with Andre and asked him this same question, and it seems there is no way to communicate directly with vdH HQ in the Netherlands that is provided to the public.
Oude Apeldoornseweg 69
8171 LV
Telefon +31 578569950
Email, Hassel? (Director Inernational Sales)
Thanks I think I am all set, I am going to send it back. I also think this is a amazing cartridge and worth looking into for your own system. Also consider the zyx line it is also very good I can not decide which one I like better.
Thank you, I may have to try that if I can't get my own cartridge problem resolved... :-(
Are you refering to a cartrige lead wire?