Electrostatic pros and cons.

I recently saw a feature on the program, "how it's made" on electrostatic speakers and it piqued my interest in them. I was wondering the pros and cons of them, their placement, space needs, sound, etc. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Bill, I like your room. Why do you have Avant Garde Duo and not Trio, by the way ? Too big or not much of a difference ?
Coherence is so important.
There was that place called Hi-Fi Farm that sold some big electrostatic speakers made in the Netherlands. They were bigger than the biggest SoundLabs, don't know better or not. Retail was about $100k, I saw their demo for I think $40k.
Hybrid speakers like Avant Garde Duo, Rogers, Martin Logan etc. is never a good idea. You don't want hybrids because you will never achieve the proper integration, not that you will fully achieve it with the Trio. I guess, overall best dynamic speakers are still the best speakers. And best tube amps are best amps. What else is new ?
Indeed. Big Sounlabs with big Atma-Sphere or VTL amps would be great. No woofers/subwoofers needed. If that's your kind of sound.
Bill, yeah they are about $250k.
Electrostatics are very fast and transparent. Can any woofer match ?
This is all BS, you need big panels and right amp, no hybridization please.
Bill, time to replace your horns/not horns with something like JM Labs Grand Utopia.