Electronics Store Power Conditioner is a good buy?

Power Line conditioner
va rating 70- Nominal output 120v-input volt 95-130- plug 5-15p- (4) 15 - R receptacals = 192.00 - they have several models va rating 70 to 3000. Is this as good a Richard Gray
Power Conditioner .
If you can provide a link with a greater amount of info about the products in question, we might be able to help. Otherwise, there is no way to know what the product that you are asking about consists of or does. My guess is that it is probably VERY different than any of the Richard Gray products. Sean
www.newarkinone.com is the company that sells this sola power conitioner
I haven't seen or used a Sola power regulator / conditioner, but i've been told by others that i know to stay away from them. That is, for use with audio gear. It may work like gangbusters for other applications though. Sean

PS... You should always look for other sources of a product rather than buy from Newark. Their prices are typically VERY high.