Electrocompaniet Signature Amp Problems

This amp amp is old, about 2o years. The signature Per Abrahmsen amp and is an 85 watt and one of 300 made. Sounds really quite good when working. Initially when brought in the right channel was out. This last time the channel was making a sound that resembled a distant thunderstorm (same channel). The amp back was extremely hot to the touch in that channel only. When I picked the amp up I paid 325.00 for the service and there was a bag with 2 small transistors in it. The amp worked fine, was quiet and seemed all was well.

Well...the storm is back. Afraid to leave the amp on now. Any suggestions
Unfortunately, I believe there is only one avenue for repair that is factory certified. It was through Florida I believe. I had a friend dealing with a similar problem on a 200wpc amp I believe. I hate to report he had pretty ugly problems as they have to be sent to Europe in most cases adding a significant amount for freight to the repair. And he was a dealer so they were kind of hosing their own dealer

You may be able to have it repaired at another domestic repair dealer such as highendaudiorepair.com. I am not affiliated with this repair service, I heard once they were reputable.

Best of luck.