Electrocompaniet ECI-5 MK2?

Hi All,

anyone using or owned the ECI-5 MK2 Int Amp?

appreciate if you could share your experience with the amp, esp if you have compared with other intp amp.

Thank you.
I have found this amplifier to be a waste of time,it is unreliable and has the most stupid standby system of any amplifier. see comments on Audio Asylum SHADY
A wonderful sounding amp, very warm and voluminous sounding, really beautiful timbre, strong and dry but not bloated bass, very smooth treble, for some definitely too smooth and surely a cure for speakers / room acoustics with harsh treble, therefore not very detailed but still lively sounding, much much better than ECI-3.

The big drawback for me was the soundstage. The amp seems incapable of processing the spacious information delivered by the source. Instead it builds up it's own soundstage, no matter what the source is. It's wide but not higher than the speakers. And there's no depth whatsoever, it sounds just plain flat.

Others will undoubtedly have made different experiences with this amp.
thank you for the replies
I unfortunately must agree with a previous comment made about electro's reliability. I owned the brand on two occasions - ok sound, tries to mimic tubes, but overall, not worth the money. Problems with volume control on one occasion, with humming problems with another unit. I know those are separate isolated issues, but there's too much choice out there not to switch restaurants if you are not happy.
A very nice sounding, well-built amp. I listened to it against the Naim SuperNait 2 and the Musical Fidelity M6i and found it to be superior in most aspects to the other two. Really good value for money, in my view.

The wide soundstage referred to above may not be that much of a drawback, depending on personal preferences. However, the amp's large size could be a limiting factor for some.