Electrocompaniet ECI 4 with B&W matrix 801 s2?

Has anybody listened B&W matrix 801 speakers with Electrocompaniet ECI 4 integrated amp? I think ECI 4 can give very good sound quality, but it is powered
"only" 2 x 125 watts for 8 ohms. Too little for 801's? Thanks in advance.
wat too little..200 plus needed to control bass and make'em come alive.
I've a pair of Kef Reference 105/2, not the Matrix, but very similar in speakers size (12" woofer), cabinet, and even less sensitivity.

When I bought an ECI-3 integrated, I must go 11:00 o higher the pot, to real sound. With a Sansui amp (2x100w. RMS into 8 ohms) they sound very well.

Now, I have an ECI-4, but not the 105/2 (I sold it and get a pair of 104/2, with 4 ohms impedance and 92 dB/w/m), but I think now the 105/2 would sound very real, really alive.

So I think an ECI-4 will be ideal, with 120 watts, and more than 80 A peak current, for a pair of Matrix 801. Anyway, if you could try it before buying, you can listening by yourself and buy (or not) with any doubt.
Get way more power for the 801s. I have used krell 350 watts, Bryston 600 watts, Xindak 200 watts on my 801's and they sound great with lots of resevre power. No slam or dynamics with low power amps..Food for thought,,,Try a D-Sonic 500 watt.. Cheap clean power that holds its own with my other well know names power amps... D.