EL34 comparisons please

Hi, I have a Dynaco st70 which is stock and has the bloomy midrange sound that I like with Jazz. I most recently bought a Conrad Johnson mv52 el34 amplifier which sounds nice and I was thinking of trying some new el34s with it looking for more exaggerated midrange. Any suggetions would be great. Speakers are RSIII Infinity's and the tubes that I am using now are vintage Sylvania.
the cj is given to accuracy over bloom with any quality tube....don't mistake that dynamic sound for bloom. on the other hand, the st70 is(along with the marantz 8b,one of the most magical push/pull designs in history.
I have 2 sets of CJ m.blocks.The 5s and the 8xs (Both all triode)I use and love the Seimens. I have a new set of Svets---they ain't the same for sure. Other than the fact that I'm talking about 32 of them el34s I would try some Mullards.----But everybody wants 250 each tube.--- And I've never seen an add for 16 Mullard. Not that I have 4k to spend on tubes. The Seimens I get for 20 ea;If I buy 20 of 'em at a time.--- There's an old thread in which Albert talks el34's, I forgot what his fav.was in that thread.---Mine was the same then as it is today.
Interesting. I just today rolled my EL34 JJs for Svetlanas. They already had 72 hours burn-in so in about another week of serious listening I might have something to say. I can say that I rolled my KT88s from JJs to a set of well-used Svetlanas and the improvement is much more than I expected.
Agreed.I did the same---jj to svetlana on the CJ and run infinity speakers as well. It just seems to be a better marriage and handles dynamics much much better.
Tube comparisons are largely system-depndent, and component dependent. One brand may sound great in one amp/system, while inferior in another. Also your own preferences and expectations will be different from others. Some may like a pronounced midrange while another may prefer overall balance, as an example. The best thing to do is use your own ears to judge. Easy to do in the Dynaco with EL34's as they are not that expensive if you are limiting your choices to current production. My buddy likes EH in his modified st70. Years ago Listener magazine declared JJ vintage early 90's to be the best of recent production. I used those in my Mini-mites and they were wonderful there. Those came in the blue and yellow boxes. Not sure what that input may be worth, but there's .02 pennies more for your collection....

Just a further comment:--- When I bought the CJ5s,I pretty much knew nothing about any sonic differences between Svets and Siemans. The seller included both sets. ---He prefered the Svets so I did them 1st. For about 2 days.--- Then I did the Siemans; I never put the Svets back in;is what I thought of them. ----I do disagree with the one sounds better in one system; thing. I think if your system is up to resovling enough there is a pecking order. ----THIS btw; is just from reading here for 5years.---The knowledgable say the same thing over and over.The Svets are just lower in the pecking order--
Here are EL34 types review from the tube store site


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