Ekos tonearm users anyone?.......Need help

Just replaced koetsu cartridge to zyx on my lp 12 to try out.Problem is the front lifts up,seems the zyx catridge is much lighter.Is the counterweight adjustable?If so how? Or is there a remedy for this?Thanks in advance.

I have an Ittok and just looked at the Ekos online. They look very similar. You set the verticle tracking force dial to zero and then balance the arm with the couterweight so that it floats over the record being level. You then dial in your tracking force. My Ittok has an o ring inside for a friction fit and simply slides front to back. Your Ekos is likely this way also but some tonearms use a set screw on the counterweight.

I don't think the tracking force dial is as accurate as a scale but it will get you close and you can dial it in by ear or buy a scale later.
Of course the counterweight is adjustable: you'll have to set the antiskate and tracking force on the Ekos to zero and then inch the counterweight forward by twisting it minutely and pushing it towards the front ever so slightly on the tonearm shaft until the arm and cartridge balances, with the stylus of the new cartridge just barely contacting a record surface. Then you apply the appropriate tracking force and antiskate settings. If you're having problems moving the counterweight forward, that might mean that the rubber grommet inside the weight has dried out, which happens over time (and more quickly if you live in a dry environment, such as the Southwest). You should still be able to adjust the counterweight; it'll just take more patience to get it to the exact position you want. If this is the case, eventually you'll want to have the grommet replaced by a dealer.