Eggleston Works vs Dynaudio

Anyone ever compare Eggleston to Dynaudio. They use the older Esotar tweeter in many of the models. I was curious what you thought of the driver differences. I never heard the Morel before. What would the Isabel equal in the monitor line.... Thanks!
Eggleston makes a fine speaker very musical. Dynaudio makes a fine speaker very open and nutural, it would really get down you your room size and what you can afford, you cannot go wrong with either.

I use the Dynaudio Confidence 5's for 5 years now and I never have the urge to look for another speaker. I guess that says it all.

My friend had the Egglestons and I was very impressed by them, I buy them also and be done, both speakers are really at the point of being a final purchase...unless of course your never satisfied and all searching for the next great speaker...they only get so good...then it is change for change sake, which is not a bad thing to do either if you get bored with your system.

I just changed all my powercords and speaker wire and now I have a totaly new sounding system.
I love these two brands, EW is resolved, warm, forgiving, dynamic, very musical Dynaudio is drier, more neutral, with a very listenable midrange that's different from EW but great all the same
The EW's are voiced loudspeakers while the Dynaudio's are more neutral. The EW's do not retrieve some of the finest details of the recorded while the Dynaudio's seem to be pushing the boundaries of what is possible at all different price points. Also, the EW's have an attractive look to them while the Dyaudio's look more like your standard speaker. Depends on what you are looking for and what is more important to you.