Edge Amps-Anybody ever heard 'em?

Hi all,
That's two issues in a row that TAS has gushed over the Edge amps (now that's a pun). Anybody ever heard their products? If so, in what system.

David Shapiro
To David :
I have been using Edge power amps in my reference system for the past three years with excellent results. I had the M-8, rated 175 Watts per channel, which was replaced by the M-8 M. These amps have the speed and power of good solid state combined with the smooth and sweet sound of tubes. I get fantastic imaging driving Green Mountain Continuium 1.5 and 2.0 speakers. I am a dealer for Edge and can supply more details if you are interested. They have smaller and larger models ranging from $ 2500.00 to over $ 15000.00.
I'd used them in the party pro-dj system since during individual music listening I get headache within 10 min.
On my opinion Edge cannot be smooth it can only be sharp.