ED a3-250 or a2-300 subwoofer

i am upgrading subwoofer and am liking the ED I mentioned above, anyone have suggestions which one would be better for a room approx 14x14 or so.

Also, any other suggestions for subwoofer that can compare to those and go down to 18hz in the same price range.....

thanks a bunch for the help...
Your room is fairly small and if this is for a music system, I'd consider sealed designs. In general, I'd pick a 12" driver over a 10" driver. The A5s-300 might be a reasonable choice. The FR graph on the ED web site doesn't mention at what distance the measurement was made, in-room or free space so it's difficult to put much faith in the 18 Hz figure.

It's tough to make a buying decision without some unbiased measurements. Here's some to peruse.



As an example, here's one that claims to be good to 18 Hz: http://www.avtalk.co.uk/showthread.php?t=18483
I use it more for Home Theater..... my speakers are all ported, should I stick with ported subwoofer???

So you think 10 inch would be not as good as 12 it seems???

Do you have any other suggested subwoofers in the price range to look at???

If it's primarily for HT, then I wouldn't have a problem with a ported sub.

In general I believe that a 12" driver will produce less distortion than a 10" driver, but it all depends on the frequency and SPL you'll demand of it. You can see that in the measurement graphs for distortion.

I'm a fan of SVS -- I use the SB12-Plus in my office system. Hsu Research is another good value product. I'm not sure of pricing, but I'd look into Rythmik as well.