EAR 88PB with passive preamp

I’m interested in the EAR 88PB for use with my Reference Line Pre-Eminence One passive pre-amp and Silver Signature amp.

The passive, which employs a stepped attenuator, has an input impedance of 1K (-60bd) to 11K (0db) ohms, and an output impedance of 165 to 900 ohms. It's designed for the amp, which has 100K ohm input impedance, and they sound great together.

I know from earlier attempts to use a tube CDP that distortion will occur unless impedance is properly matched, and most tube phonostages (perhaps all) are a no-go.

Will the EAR 88PB work properly in this set up?

I’m guessing it might because it specs a 60 ohm output impedance. From what I've been told, the impedance matching formula is, basically, that the source output impedance must be less than 10x the minimum passive input impedance-- in this case, 10x60=600, which is well under the 1K min of the passive.

Here are the specs for the EAR 88PB

* Maximum Gain 52db Moving Magnet, 72db Moving Coil (Volume control adjustable)
* 4 x 6922 tubes (or 6DJ8)
* Two inputs, one MC with adjustable impedance and one MM
* RIAA Accuracy +- .3db
* Input Impedance (MM) 47K
* Input Impedance (MC) 4 or 40 ohm switched internally
* Output Impedance 60 ohm
* Channel Balance +- .2db
* Sensitivity MM 2.5 mv, MC down to .15MV
* S/N ratio 68db (ref 2.5mv)
* Distortion .2% at 2V
* Overload Margin 12V output
* Balanced Outputs pin 2 hot (positive phase)
* Size 9.25"W, 11.5"D, 4"H
* Weight 15 LBs

Thanks in advance,