EAD Ovation 8 & Citation 7.1 Amps UPGRADE Help

Hello I have an EAD Ovation 8 and (2) Citation 7.1 amplifiers. My question is I may want to upgrade the EAD Ovation with another Preamp or change to a receiver all in one unit. What would be considered an upgrade from the EAD and are there any receivers that can outperform this combination..My main concern is for Home Theater use 75% of the time and 2 channel listening 25% of the time..Any suggestions are greatly appreciated..
Thank You
I had an EAD TheaterMaster 8 paired with a Citation 7.1 amp. Upgrading the amp to an EAD PowerMaster 1000 brought noticeable benefits in sound and clarity. Upgrading the preamp to a TheaterMaster 8800 brought smaller benefits in sound quality but did provide component video switching and other benefits. I would upgrade the amp 1st unless you need the other inputs and processing provided by newer preamps.
The amp upgrade to a EAD PM 1000 is definately a good idea and the PM 2000 an even better idea. I have had both and there the best amps I have ever owned. I wound up selling the PM 2000 because the weight and size would not work in my new home but the PM 1000 is still better than the Classe, Aragon, Krell, Plinius and countles others I have tried over the years. If you have the space for a 120+ lb. amp that if I remeber correctly is about 24" long the PM 2000 is an incredible amp. The PM 1000 will get you about 90% of the performance in the high and midrange but probably drops off to 80% in the low end.

On the pre-amp you would be probably best served to wait until the new Dolby and DTS codes for HD are available later on this year.