EAD new Singature-8 Has anyone upgraded?

Is there anyone out there who has upgraded their EAD Theatermaster to the new Signature-8? If so, how would you compare the sound quality? Apart from the added functionality, have they improved the sound? Does the earlier TM sound better?

I am thinking of upgrading. I really don't need all of the added functionality, and am wondering if the sound is worth the upgrade? It also seems that the step to "Signature" from "Ovation" is alot smaller than it used to be. Is the new Signature-8 worth $1000 more than the Ovation-8, when all that is different is the composition of the circuit board, and a handful of better resistors?

Any experience and insight anyone has would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Lotusm50;
You can find all information regards to EAD products at: EAD User Support Page, here is the link
Last month I upgraded from an Ovation to an Ovation 8. The difference in sound is staggering. Although I have not tried out some of the new features (e.g. 7.1, stereo sub-woofer), the new product has functioned perfectly.
Rcarlsen- How would you characterize the sound? How is it different than the old Ovation? How is the Digital to analog conversion? I rarely use it for HT, and probably wouldn't use the 8 channel analog pass through. I'm kind of hesitant to upgrade now, because in the next 12 months another upgrade will probably be available allowing direct conversion of digital DVD-A or SACD inputs, and 24/192K (rather than 24/96) capability. These changes are eventual, and every digital mfgr is readying desings to do it (They are waiting for the standards and software to be finalized). As far as I can see this would be the big chage that would come, and I would hate to have to upgrade twice.