Dynavector xv-1s setting question

I have burn it by now has 120 hrs on my VPI classic 1,
Time to adjust my setting, now is at 20.05gm , Aesthetix io sgn. Set at 121ohms sometime 243 Ohms cannot decide.
Before breakin 27gm is unbearable have it for a day and change to 20.05gm.
Any suggestion?
Next question which is better upgrade classic4 or HRX.
I hope you mean 2.0 g, NOT 20.0 g as you state above. That will kill this great cartridge for sure. 27 would really have killed it. Please check and verify before doing anything else! Please.
I run my XV-1s at around 1.89 - 2.05 g. I tend to like 1.95 the best. Agreed that anything over 2.3 grams will make it dull and lifeless.

This may help:

When I owned a VPI JMW 10.5i tonemarm and Aries 3 I ran it at 2.05 - 2.15g for best sound.

I now own a TW Acustic Raven AC and TW 10.5 tonearm and run it at 1.95.

One thing is for sure, with the XV-1s just changing the VTF by 0.05 g is audible!
So sorry, you are right , I actually checked today is 2.147gm. With my force gauge.

I think Harry Person said 2.7gm is excellent but yet to try after burn in.
Before burn in , is too bright and edging.
At 2.147 gm at 243 ohms sounded good. At 2.7gm beyond manufacturer recommendation I think might shorter the life span.
It is all system dependent but I just can't imagine an XV-1s sounding bright at 2.7g, even if brand new. I'm loading mine at around 400 ohm.