Dynavector XV-1S question

I notice on occasions fine white strands that appear to "stick" to the under body of my Dynavector XV-1S cartridge. Are these strands of vinyl( even though they look white) that are being scoured from the record or just dust that gets picked up from the grooves. I tend to wash my used records but usually not the new ones. I think but am not sure as to whether I notice this more when I play new records .

I appreciate comments or similar observations

Probably mold release agent from new LPs. I suggest you wash them before first play.
I've never seen mold release residue that looks like fine white strands. It's usually a clump of muck that sticks to the stylus and perhaps the cantilever.

But whatever it is it should be removed before the first play, so I agree with Sidssp. All LP's should be wet cleaned and vacuumed before first play, including new ones - maybe especially new ones, since they probably cost more. The pressing plant doesn't clean LP's before shipping them, so whatever's left in the grooves will be ground against the vinyl by the two sharpened edges of a diamond stylus. Care to guess what happens to the vinyl?