Dynaudio Speakers

I was just reading the Stereophile review of the Dynaudio Confidence speaker for $16,000 and the article mentions the top of the line $85,000 speaker. Thinking about this, my sister-in-law had a hand made dining room set made, table, hutch and 10 chairs with special woods and craftmanship and that cost just under $50K. So am I to believe that these speakers are worth the price? Wood, drivers, parts, desgin more expensive that a hand carved table and chairs with speical wood? Wake me up here!

The answer to all questions of this form is, "Of course not, unless you can afford said item and own it, in which case said item is just thoroughly enjoyed without a lot of thought about whether it was 'worth it'".

Besides, your sister-in-law spent 2/3 the price of a pair of Evidence's and got something that doesn't image worth a darn, has no dynamic range, and does nothing towards bringing Miles Davis to life :-)
Value is relative to what you want, need and can afford. I do not think 85k is a good value because I can not afford the price no matter how good they sound. I strongly suspect I will never be able to afford that price. I might be able to squeeze a 10k purchase one day soon, but I tend to think I will not do it. I could buy a lot of albums and CDs over many years instead and be happier. My current speakers retail for about $4400 new.