Dynaudio Contour T2.5 vs C3.4

I'd like to know if anyone has heard both of these speakers and can comment on them.

I'm looking for new fronts to be used for both music and home theater. One limitation is that I can't really place the speaker much further from the wall than 15" and the front port of the T2.5 may work better for that limitation. However, the C3.4's have great reviews. Are they really all that much better than the T2.5's?

I have a B&K 200.7 for a 5.1 system and was thinking I might use the extra two channels for bi-amping the fronts, but I'm not sure if the Contours have the extra terminals to accomodate this.

These speakers will be placed on the short wall of 16x24 room. One long wall has three glass sliders, the other long wall is open to kitchen and dining room. The short back wall also has a slider. Floors are hardwood, but 75% covered by area rugs and furniture. Ceiling is 8'. Given the sliders, hardwood floors and no soundtreatment, I think I want something on the "warm" side and the Countours seem to meet that requirement.

Any input would be appreciated.
Sorry, that should have been S3.4
The 2.5 (retired) is a fine speaker as is the 3.4. If you need to place these near to the back or side wall, you might experience some boominess with 3.4. They do come with foam port plugs to gives those an option.

As long as you've got some distance from the side walls this might make the above a mute point, though. I've only experienced this boom when the speakers are boxed in.

I prefer the sound of the 3.4 over the 2.5, but both sound real close.

Dynaudio does not believe in bi-amp/wiring this is why they don't have dual terminals.
Ttowntony, what did you use for an amplifer? Would 200W/channel from my B&K 200.7 be sufficient?
I'm a Dynaudio dealer and I personally prefer the Dyns mated with extra muscle. The 3.4 will sound just fine with the B&K, though. In my showroom I have the very similar Focus 220 mated with the Parasound Halo A51 with amazing results. The 3.4 is very close to the Focus 220. You might check into this speaker as well.

To take it up a notch or two from the Halo's and your B&K, we often pair our Dyns with Bryston amps. You would be hard pressed to find a better combination. Our reference room has the Contour S5.4 mated with a Bryston 4B_SST.....Killer!