Dynaudio C4 and Sonus Faber

I am Dynaudio and Sonus Faber fan. One of the reasons I like SF is it is look. Have any one of you compared Amati Homage and C4? They are about the same price. I heard them in the show and in different stores many times but never had chance to have A B comparison. They both sound great so I have not taken action yet. I have been sitting on this for years. Any suggestions and comments in general are welcome.  By the way I am looking at the very original version of both.  I am not sure if it worth to spend another $5K or more to buy a later version.  I am not factoring the amps and cables either because that can go and on and never end.  Thanks.

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Merry Christmas.  Thanks for your comments.  I also have been reading articles related to c4.   I feel Dynaudio has more weight over Sonus Faber now.  I would most likely to get the original c4.  I saw one pair was just sold on Audiogon.  I'll have to wait patiently for next pair to show up.