Dynaudio 3.0 vs. ProAc 2.5

I've posted before, but was hoping for more feedback. I have small living room 16x12 ish. Listen to vocals, rock, and jazz. I also have a HT set-up not really important but like the tight and powerful bass. Currently have Aragon 8008BB but considering Pass X150. What are your thoughts and the differences between ProAc and Dyna's?
I have no insight on the ProAc 2.5's based on personal experience. I have read a lot of positive feedback on it and am quite certain that it's a great product. I do own the Contour 3.0's, so I can give you my take on that product and points of comparison. First off, I listen to mainly rock (in all it's genres), blues and jazz to a lesser degree, and I love movies and use it for theater as well, though I'm not nearly as particular about performance in that area. I drive the 3.0's with the Krell KAV-250a which is 250 w/c into 8ohms, 500 into the 4ohms the Dynaudios are rated at.

Some considerations regarding the 3.0's. First, they really want some power behind them, even if you only listen at modest levels. I have a family and rarely can let the system rip the way I want to, but still found the upgrade from 100 w/c Krell amplification to 250 w/c Krell amplification to be an excellent improvement. Second, the speakers are rear-ported which means that they want to be brought out a way from the back walls. It's often recommended that they are out at least 3 feet, which is undoubtedly optimal. My room is 14x18 and I have them out at most about 2 feet - I'm satisfied, but if you're a lot more particular than me, you may not be. A front ported or non-ported design would quite possibly be able to be placed closer to the back wall. The 3.0's are first order x-overs, which tends to yield a more forward sound which, again, is my preference but not necessarily everybody's. A higher order x-over tends to give a wider "sweet spot" and a somewhat "softer" sound which many people prefer.

I don't know these same pieces of information on the 2.5's, but if you can find somebody who can give you the same information that I have provided for the 3.0's for the 2.5's, you'll be set.

Finally, I can't say enough great things about the 3.0's and would never deter somebody from pursuing them. However, you might want to look at the 1.8's (another floor stander) or even look into the 1.3mkII's, a monitor speaker. Their monitors are pretty remarkable - very musical with a pretty extended bottom end - and might fit the area even better along with saving you some money. Just an idea - my guess is that if you buy either of the models you're looking at you'll get years and years of enjoyment out of them.

I own the 2.5s and have heard the 3.0s. I can say that the 2.5 is a much sweeter sounding speaker. Not that the dynaudio is harsh, it just that the highs in Proacs are smooth and sweet, yet highly detailed and revealing. The dynaudio does have a better lower midrange than the proac. And also slightly better low bass extension. I went with the proac b/c it images like a monitor, and throws a wide soundstage! I think the main difference is that the dynaudio is more forward in the midrange with a better grasp of male voices, while the proac is more laid back in the midrange, but female vocals sound better through the proac. In terms of detail, they are about equal-edge to proac. Transparency-proac. Bass-dynaudio. Highs-proac. Midrange-dynaudio. ALso the proac is rear ported, but dont need to be more than 2 feet from the wall. 1 foot can be fine. Also the proac can be driven by anything. I have a pass aleph 3 driving them at 30 watts!!!
I auditioned both the ProAc 3.8's and the Dynaudio Contour 3.3's, Confidence 5's and the Contour 1.3 MKII SE (best small speaker I've ever heard). The Dynaudio won hands down. I've read many posts and reviews that the Dynaudio's have some of the best and most realistic female voice reproduction of any speaker. High range has exceptional detail and clarity—no grain (I listen to all types of music, including classical). Mid range is excellent and neutral—open and articulate, bass is clean and taut (best bass I heard in and around this price range). The Dynaudio's have very high resolution and detail. They are very dynamic and transparent with a full sounding soundstage. You should audition these, before you make any decision. They do need at least 100 WPC of Class A power to show-off their stuff.
I got a chance to audition the Dynaudio 3.0, Proac 1.5, 2.5 and 3.8. The Dynaudio wins for bass extension, but as mentioned above, it likes a powerful amp. The ProAc 1.5 and 2.5 blew me away with their imaging and fine detail. I would say that the choice depends on your application. For jazz the ProAc's are perfect, and can be matched with a variety of amps, even small tube amps if you like. For rock and home theater, I think the Dynaudio would be a better choice. I ended up going for the B&W Nautilus for my home theater/music mix room over the Dynaudio 3.0 or 3.3. I would like to get the ProAc 1.5's for my other dedicated listening room.