Dunlavy Super Subwoofer

I have written about my experiences with Dunlavy Speakers on multiple occasions in this Forums section of Audiogon. I have almost every model designed by John Dunlavy. I have auditioned them against a host of alternatives and have found them competitive and in some cases superior to current super speakers on the market today costing obscene amounts of money. The one area that I admit to having less experience is in the use of subwoofers. However, in building our new home I decided to really give subwoofers their place and auditioned and purchased high-end subs from Martin-Logan, SVS, Focal and Dayton Audio. I also came across (sometime back) a Dunlavy passive sub consisting of four 10 inch drivers housed in an SC-IV cabinet. I don't think many of these were produced. In fact it's only one of two that I've ever seen. I had to get it, if nothing else to see if it performs as well as it's conventional speaker counterparts.

That not withstanding, I began to switch subs around to see which one should go into the reference two channel system versus the home theater room, great room, gym etc. The two channel reference application is by far the most demanding system and it's where I have spent a disproportionate amount of time evaluating alternatives. I tried virtually all of them in this system and each had their own set of liabilities until I tried the 15 year old Dunlavy sub. Wow, what a difference. Talk about speed, deep impact and seemless integration; I didn't know that a sub could do what this sub was/is doing.

I know that this thread is pretty specialized, but I would be interested to know if there are other Audiogon members using Dunlavy subs and if so what your experiences have been with them?? For me, this sub has been something of a revelation. This is especially the case given it's age and available technology at the time of production.