Dump the Wadia 781?

I love my CDP, after having it modded to Statement by Steve of GNSC.

However with the troubles at Wadia, I wonder if servicing the unit will be an issue in the long run?

My CDP sits on the 2nd tier of an Finite Elemente rack, so I need one with a front loader tray IF I swap.

My dealer thinks the DCS Puccini with U Clock will beat the Wadia. Honestly its the servicing issue that worries me more so than performance. Is this just a sideways move not worth the additional $$?

Rest of system, ARC Ref 5, Lamm 1.2s, Wilson Sasha.

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I don't know if future Wadia servicing actually is a problem or even a consideration for you. Since Steve upgraded your 781i, it voided the warranty and Steve may have to do any servicing work for you in the future. Wadia may not even attempt to service a modded unit.