DTS problems

Regardless of the settings I try my Yamaha R-V1105 does not have any sound or DTS display from my Pioneer DV-525 with a DTS disk. Neither the "DTS" of "Auto" input selections have any output, what's up?
Dave, is there something in the set up on the DVD player which allows you to turn DTS on/off check I think that there may well be... Miles
Make sure that the DTS out inside of your DVD players set up menu is on. Let me know how it goes. Regards Brenton
Thanks guys, I double checked and do have the DTS output on, nothing. Do DTS disk have any markings on them? or just in the credits. Maybe that's my problem!
I have the Yamaha RXV795a, if you hit a remote input (source) button twice in a row quickly it goes from auto decoding to dts to analog. took me a while to figure it out. You may not have the receiver where you think you do.
First of all the DVD has to be a dts DVD and this is NOT determined by the credits. The credits just mean that at some point (probably when the movie was in the theater) it was available in dts. The DVD will say dts in a red box somewhere either on the front or back, also you can go to www.dtsonline.com to check all the DVDsavailable in dts. Second, assuming the DVD is recorded in dts, you need to select dts from the dvd menu. Sometimes this is hidden somewhere and you might need to look for it. It may be in an "audio" section, may be in the "extras" section, but most likely it's in the "languages" section. You would select "English dts" and play the movie and your source should switch to dts.
Thank guys, problem solved. I guess the best way to listen to a DTS disk is to make sure it has DTS encoding! Mrtrader had the answer.