Driving 805s with Mac's 2ohm output

Hi gurus,

Was wondering if anyone here tried driving their b&w 805s with mac power amp in 2ohms?? I tried playing with all 3 tabs (2, 4, 8ohms) and prefer the 2 ohms. But concern if it will cause damage to the speaker?

Appreciate some kind advice from gurus here. Thank you.

Btw, my system as follows;
B&W 805S
Mac 6900 Int Amp
Esoteric X-05
acrolink 8n-2080 xlr ic
oyaide p4030/046 connectors all round
No damage. It's like driving your car in low gear all the time. The engine won't stall, but you won't go very fast.
Surprising you'd prefer the 2 Ohm taps. They would give you more bass, but also sound more closed in is what I'm thinking.
What are the sonic differences you've noticed, and why do you prefer the 2 Ohm? BTW, there is no emperical right or wrong in the absolute sense of enjoyment. While the speaker may 'need' one tap more than another in theory, YOU'RE the one who needs to like it.
Good listening.