Dorm Room systems

I am college student who has a moderatly high end system in my dorm room. re ther any other audiogoners who are college students with a system in there dorm room? If so what are some ways you have found to get round space constraints in setting up your system? I personnally hve my speakers on wall brakets which was the best option i had to to an extremly small room. Thanks for any suggestions
I know when I was in college back in the 70s my system consisted of a modified Dynaco PAS preamp, modified Stereo 70 power amp, Linn LP12 turntable w/Grace 707 tonearm and Sonus Blue cartridge and Rogers LS 3/5a speakers. Boy, those were the good old days. Nowadays I'd probably opt for a good integrated tube amp (Consonance, Rogue Audio, Cary, Jolida, etc.) decent CD player (Jolida, Music Hall, etc.) and a small pair of monitor speakers (Coincident, Rogers, Triangle, etc.).