don't you love it when everyting fits in place ..

I live in the New Orleans area

we don't just think about how to lay out our audio racks but what to put up high (sometimes less than a foot off the floor is life or death with a threatening hurricane)

anyway - I had bought a BAT VK600 with an Ohio Grade SRA platform which was on the floor. My new Doshi pre was going to have to be placed on the lower shelf so the cables would work.

this didn't sit well with me as two of my best pieces would be in danger - God forbid if we had another major storm (I'll be out of here in a few years)

anyway the BIlly Bags turntable rack I was just about to sell off - eneded up working perfectly with the SRA platform (Thanks again Alan) and the amp is now at chest high behind my right speaker. The Doshi MKII then went on the middle shelf and my other sra vr platform used for a cd player fit perfectly - although turned 90 degrees to hold it's heavy duty power supply

no cable crimping or straining and everything is up high

I'll update my sytem photos in a few days

I just love it when things I hadn't planned work out just perfectly

the audiophile gods (little g) were smiling on me today
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Cool - please cue up some Dirty Dozen Brass Band. Gotta luv New Orleans.
Can you throw down some Allen Toussaint as well? Dig that guy.
I am in New Orleans area as well(Hahnville). I have about 1000 LP's and all are 3 feet off the floor. I kept my old Grand Cherokee just so all the gear(amps, pre,CD,TT,etc.) and JM Lab Utopias can be transported to my Baton Rouge office for safe keeping for the next Katrina wanna be. After Katrina and Gustav I can promise you that Allstate and the like will not cover the real value of this stuff.
Moving this gear is now part of our evacuation routine!!!

nice! it looks beautiful too, very nice rack (i know...we all love a nice rack)...the the wood on the speakers is really nice too, spectacular finish.
Cajun pepe - yes - keep your equipment high and dry

those Utopias would be hell to move on a moments notice

hope things stay quiet this september / october